OGS specialise in the design and supply of process equipment systems for onshore and offshore installations. We can undertake the total design scope, including process, mechanical, control and instrumentation within the envelope of one or several skid packages.

Our main products are listed below.


OGS supply Fiscal Metering Systems, Allocation Metering and Custody Transfer Metering Systems for a wide range of fluids including oil, gas and condensate. Typical applications include production, transmission/distribution pipelines, import/export for oil, gas and LNG terminals and storage facilities.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Our Fuel Gas Conditioning packages process gas to ensure it is free of liquids and solids. OGS supply complete modules for the provision of clean, dry, metered gas at the required pressure and temperature from an untreated, unregulated gas source. In most instances the gas to be treated is natural gas from a gas transmission pipeline.

Reciprocating Compressors

OGS are an approved packager/distributor of Ariel Reciprocating Compressors. Each system is tailored to match project and operational demands and overall package scope will typically include inter-stage cooling and scrubbing, piping, instruments and control systems.

Sampling & Analysis

OGS supply packaged Fiscal Analysis and pipeline integrity measurement equipment including but not limited to Process Analyser System Integration, Flare Metering & Analysis, Manual Spot Sample & Automated Sampling, Cv, H2s Moisture & Total Sulphur Analysis and Wate Quality Analysis (including oil in water).

Produced Water Treatment

OGS supply Produced Water Treatment packages utilising Hydrocyclones, Desanding Hydrocyclones and all types of process equipment. The selection of process equipment for Produced Water Treatment is specifically designed to each application.