SmartMix® takes centre stage at the ISA 63rd Annual Symposium

Posted on: 10th May 2018

Steve O'Donnell, Managing Director of Oil & Gas Systems Limited (OGS) and Dr Wes Maru, R&D Manager for Oil & Gas Measurement Limited (OGM), have recently returned from a successful visit to the ISA-AD 2018 (International Society of Automation-Analysis Division) which took place on 22nd - 26th April in Galveston, TX, USA. This was the 63rd Annual Symposium.

Dr Wes Maru made a 25 minute presentation entitled 'Optimized Hydrocarbon Sampling Methodology and Equipment in the presence of BS&W according to ISO 3171 and API 8.2'. The paper discussed the benefits of the company's revolutionary SmartMix® power mixing system. This was then followed by a five minute Q&A session.

In addition to the presentation, the SmartMix® power mixing system is also the subject of the feature article in the Annual Analyzer Edition of 'CONTROL' magazine. Around 100,000 copies of CONTROL magazine are circulated around the world both electronically and physically and in addition to this, reprints were available for participants to take at ISA Symposium. The article was also the lead material in CONTROL magazine's global e-newsletter. The article has been very well received with recipients eager to find out more about SmartMix®.