Environmental Policy

Oil & Gas Systems Limited (OGS) is committed to enhancing its business performance through the implementation of environmental management that promotes waste reduction, sustainability and legal compliance throughout the organisation.

The Company seeks to understand the environmental impact of all of its activities and comply with all applicable legislation; it will also consider environmental impacts that arise out of any changes to the business or the way in which it is carried out.

OGS will aspire to implement best environmental practice and reduce its energy and resource consumption whenever practicable.

The Company’s Directors and Management shall provide adequate communication and training to staff throughout the organisation to ensure environmental procedures and requirements are known understood and implemented.

The Board of OGS undertakes to provide whatever financial support and resources are necessary in order to ensure that all of its legal and moral obligations with regards to Environmental Management are met in full.

The OGS policy will be reviewed regularly for suitability and effectiveness and communicated to all employees.


11th January 2018